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memory of working holiday! work at Notthern territory!

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this thing in 2012 - january 2013

well, let me say circumstances, I reached in KCS when I traveled to Australia, I had been holiding the desire to get to Kings creek station.

I saw some jananese people works in KCS when I took part in the briefing session at the study abroad company.

They are riding a quad bike! at this time, my curiosity inspired me !

More ever, if I got elidgeble to get the Second visa, it is to possible to extend the visa's term more a year!

I thought at that time, my mind Moved.

After 10 month from alived in AUS, I granted my whish!! all by my self !

I spent greatful time in this place! sorry for the long introdution, fun my blog right now!

my position was 'Yardy' I loved this job!


First, what was hard for me?
To get comunicate English on receiver! also, I was having confidece to speak English, however, I am not good at the conversation on the phone, and reciver like this.

because, realize the pronunciatin. if talk with sombody, I can see the mouth. It is reference for me when talk with parson.

at the first time, when I have heard order from reception, I coulod not listen that detail! after I made it up somehow, and I started to learn English hader!!

I think I studyed English for the whole lifetime while staying this station. Otherwise I would have been dismissed from work.

Yard position needs English ability. To get comunicate by English is important. It is commonplace though in Australia, can not miss listen the order from receiver.


besides, noise mixes little bit while receiving. but this was not purobrem for me, my effort helped myself with got better English. After I came to a place of my desire I did not have difficulty studying English further!

If you are native English you will not have any difficulties. If not, it is difficult to communicate wirelessly if you do not make efforts to speak with your efforts to understand English..sentence

I regretted that not to learn English while school ever!!

what I did here! Yard detaile

First I will write the contents of my job here.

In the morning we clean the parking lot and fallen leaves in front of the shop cleanly.

The other person cleans the toilet at the gas stand and supplies supplies such as toilet paper and paper towels.

If there are fallen leaves around the gas station, it will be removed.

After finished , get breake first!! with everybody.

Amusing dogs YUKI and AXCEL! I love them! I started to eat, they close me and they say "give me!!" and AXCEL too. AXCEL is Retarded and shy. very good boy!

turn on switch "Bow pomp!"

Basicly, Yard worker are 3 person, and after break first, we separate. One goes to a bit far away to switch on the pump that will pomp up the groundwater.thi is most important!

otherwise, I can not live in the middle of this desert. staff told me , this water pumped up from a deep place of 250 m or more , and this water come get through thin plastic pipe!

it pipe brings water over 2km far from this station! This constract had had carryed out by owner! He has been doing disturbing work in this harsh desert! I can not express by word!

if I in charge this onstraction, I must have given up(=_=;)

When I tried to engage this pump engine, I had a faile many time. about 5 times, I could get start engine up. this is nice memories! haha.

while way to this place, cross the runway.This runway is used to carry departure and arrival of airplanes carrying baggage and carry emergency sudden illnesses to the hospital.

I saw one time , woman fell down by heatstroke and she brought form here.

In this place, climate is very strict. I was always drinking water to avoid heatsroke. if see the Doctor, go back to Alice springs.I think not make that situation. I wanted fun this place.

after turned on pomp, go back to camp area! with a tremendous speed! Do not make accident! right? while one pearson going to turn on switch, another two worker continues cleaning the toilet with this traler. I and Jonason(he came from UK) we worried to start up bike's engine! oneday broken up.

Then, not get start engine・・・

oh my god.. After the quad bike was broken, I continued the cleaning by pulling the trailer which loaded this cleaning tool with this car

he is jimmy. old one. made by Suzuki. this made in japan!

finished clean up tilet, separate again! And do not wrong the place where camper take. make plan each cars size!

One goes collecting garbage from the camp ground and throwing it away Another give water to the lawn with a sprinkler at the camp ground.

And drop in another lodge! this place is also KCS! when I stopped by here, one japanese woman was working. collect rabish after, throgh it away and go back to camp area. Another two perason separates each roll.

・Stop sprinkler ・Clean camp site

I clean the pool. Cleaning up this pool is interesting.

when I in charge clean the swimming pool and the drain, interesting insects and scorpions, the strong wind the birds were falling.

I didn't into this pool ever・・・(^^;) can not expect what foot on.... what do you think? Knitting off the fallen leaves on the poolside and leaves in the water of the pool, put the disinfectant in the pool and the rest is over.

in addition, properly remember how to handle the pool's water management machine.

found this sign

10kcs_works_sprinler.jpg who bring in these furniture.....

if called from reception, go to shop, after take camper to site.

if season in busy term, camper comes to this station next to next.

that time, we have to remind the fature each site, which has power or not

and size of the camp site also. if make misstake this, it will be a big problem....

so that , I walk around this camp area of size too.

near by 3 oclock, bring firewood to cabin site and the place where has fire pitch. This place uses tour group.

Often tour take a place between Ayrs Rock and Kings Cyanion. staied in KCS, go to rim walk, after go through to Darwin.

I alized the sleeping bag that they use. It is different. that is thick,tough!

reasonwhy, that called "Swag".

The sleeping bag is made to sleep on the desert. It is designed to keep warm so that you can sleep with peace of mind even on cold nights

I was surprised that it was made considering the desert climate.

But in fact it seems itchy as lice and fleas are there.

My work finishes around 18 o'clock and ends the engine of the pump which builds groundwater at the end of the day and ends.

At this time, when the water level of the water tank is too low, you have to keep running the engine over night.

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