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bush fire

Experience the first forest fire in my life

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About a week before I left kCS, this Alice Springs had a terrible thundercloud passing by. The thundercloud passed directly above the KCS and I was often raised in the late night to the noisiness of that thunder.

That night, it was a bright night like an afternoon evening at night with lightning. And I remember the intense roaring echoed about 3 to 4 times. At Alice Springs here I heard that frequent forest fires occur.

If thunderbolts had fallen into the dying situation, forest fires will occur.

The next day, that bad feeling came true.

Bush fire get close to KCS!

KCS had never been interrupted by wireless conversation in the morning.

The content of the conversation was about the fire of the forest fire that occurred in the lightning strikes this morning.

The fire was still burning far from the KCS, but the wind direction gradually changed, and the fire is getting close to KCS.

I was told by the owner to look at the state of the fire a bit from the hill, I drove with buggy to the watertank hill.

Then I was surprised that the fire was coming closer than I expected.

I could see the fire smoke visible from the hill was approaching the pop hut that gradually pumped the groundwater.

I ran over with the buggy at a tremendous speed to the cabin.

Then smoke was rising from one hut to approximately 100 m and I reported this on a radio.

bush fire

Immediately switch on the pump, sprinkle water around and made efforts to stop the fire.

About ten minutes later, a car loaded with water filled with water arrived and I returned to KCS.

managed to stop the fire and KCS was immune from the damage

I returned to KCS. After that we went to the place where the forest fire occurred and changed the direction of fire.

That was my first surprise and I was very surprised.

Since there is no water in the desert, waiting for the wind direction to change, put a fire from the windwards, hit the fire of the forest fire and put out the fire.

Sometimes the fire burned from here and there and guts fainted by smoke sucking too much.

The owner of KCS who has plenty of wisdom to live in this desert did not move to forest fires at all and kept KCS.

There is a way in this KCS, grass does not grow on this road. The owner called this a "fire break"

this is the reason why the preparations for forest fires with a high probability of occurring every year happens not to cause damage.

This road called "fire break" is a road made to prevent the fire from burning. It is this KCS that all are made with the calculated design.

Thanks to the sharp intuition of the owner, I was able to predict the surroundings of the fire and deal with it

I will post a picture after the fire has disappeared. It was an amazing experience.

I will post a picture after the fire has disappeared. It was an amazing experience.

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