Working Holiday in Northern Territory!

Quad bike tour guide! Language skills are tested at this time

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KCS has the Quad bike tour. many vistor stad by this tour!

It is a highly popular tour in KCS. Also, I love this tour. I was whishing someone apply to this tour always.

At least two guests apply for "quad bike tour", our yard workers do the tour.

I was in charge of the back of the row as I could not remember the way.

It is the same road all the way, but I was a bit uneasy because the scenery was the same.

When there is a tour application, we start preparing for a quad bike.

The quantity of oil of the quad bike and confirming the tire pressure are taken out in order.

tour take a break at a fine viewing place on the tour.

I will introduce about KCS, but I could not do because there were lots of difficult things to say in English, such as the area, the shape of the land and the structure to build water from the basement.

I did not even think that there is such a fun place in the middle of the desert.

I wish if I could keep working this place, I am happy forever!

However, I had to leave. Because my visa was "Working Holiday visa" in the end....(;_;)

However, what I experienced here can not be told in English what has happened.

It is because my English skill is low.

I am currently studying TOEIC in Japan, but writing and reading are the most difficult.

In addition to that, now I am studying web design

Now I have to study hard to study web design, so I will take a break from learning English a little.

I am writing the utmost with the words of English as far as I know.

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