Working Holiday in Northern Territory!

rim walk! A helicopter driver took me to the Kings Canyon on a holiday!

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when I was working in KCS, I went to Kings Canyion with everyone who works in KCS.

some time chopper take us to the rim walk when they didn't get visitor for helicoptor ride.

before go to Kings Canyon, I had been thinking famous place is only Ayers Rock in NT.

I lost the words to the magnificent scale of this Kings Canyon. A stratum which was naturally formed by long-term crustal deformation, its pattern, red soil symbolizing Central Australia.

I was excited so much!

this land scape is not able to see if I did not come here!

It is amazing that there is also a gas stove where a barbecue can be installed near Kings Canyon.

But how do you wash it? And how is management done? Australia where barbecue gas stove is installed free is interesting

I thought that I was glad I worked at KCS from bottom of heart!

if we have time, drop in the Kings Canyon resort

In addition to Ayers Rock Resort, there is a place called "Kings Canyon Resort" in the Northern Territory. This place was also taught by chopper.

This huge cowboy hat is characterized.

Central Australia 's price are really expensive !

So I can not keep playing so much…

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