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How many people have done working holiday in the desert?

I think that it is only a few people.

I can never forget what I experienced in the vast desert.

I am studying web design. I want to record this experience without fading.

So I compiled the memory on this site. I am poor at writing English, reading and English words, so I can not write well sentences, but this KCS is a really nice place!


this place has all function. Yard worker called from reception, come down to here and take camper or do something.

And start quad bike tour from here.


We have a lunch here and end of the year, we held the Christmas party !

Yuki, she dressed up christmas style! if I have a dog , I want you to take away!! hahaha. How are you,Yuki!

Do not swing your tail in the Green Shed when you have breakfast.

It's unexpectedly hard, your tail yuki (=_=;)

And Axel, where are you now? Going around the world with Evan?

You are brave!

During mastering you were chasing livestock bigger than yourself!!

you are cool!!

gas station.

A few petrol stations in Alice Springs!

Be sure to lubricate here in the middle of the desert if you do not refuel!

It will be miserable if that happens ...

green shed

Here is a picture of a traditional owner of Aboriginal who made KCS with the current owner. And this mos kitchen too.

Let's clean up surely! if you work here!

otherwise, Moz will get angry!

I love to eat bacon and egg here!

In addition,

Let's eat breakfast properly when going to Kings Canyon!

tour guide sad me that ajapanese people are not eat break first. it is impossible to understand!

get eat break first! japanese people!!


our accomodation

Here is our dormitory for yard workers. I can use hot shower properly and have a toilet too!

I could not think it was in the middle of the desert. On top of that it is a complete private room.

I have been studying English all the time when I finished my work here.

I can not go without talking at the receiver and having conversation with the customers, so I studied English the most here and my English skills improved here.

Chappa's house.

Dormitory for a helicopter driver. This place where everyone gathers and has a barbecue or a party for the New Year.

There was a considerable event also when I was staying.

Quad bike.

On this quad bike I worked a lot at the campground. And it is also a yard worker to master the loading platform behind this.

It was truly fun when I worked here.

Quad bike's engine would not hang when getting away from the campground a bit, it was hard when I pushed heavy quad bike.

Rest area in a quad bike tour. While watching the view from here, I learned a little about Kings Creek station explanation, but I could not do it perfectly.

This tour that surprisingly runs through the desert is the best activity to enjoy the Kings Creek Station!

Hill of water tank.

I think the hill with the best view is here.

Confirmation of water level, monitoring forest fires from here, looking at the starry sky. Milky way was beautiful when I saw it from here.

I should have taken a picture.


This runway crosses when building groundwater.

It feels really good to run through the straight line here.

There were times when I looked at the view of this runway and the horizon in reality. I was really scared when I went to clear the forest fires.


Where have you been now? This camel 's baby. I was protected with my parents. There are other places to manage livestock, and Kings Creek station is really wide!

Attractiveness can not speak English. I wish I had studied English more. I regret it.

mastering(? spell is vagu)

Drive wild cows, camels, and horses into enclose at once with a helicopter and a car.

A dangerous job that can be kicked by a camel if you take a little care.
I came to KCS because I was able to experience such a thing. If you get accustomed to this, you may feel boring in Japanese lead a life.

It is also very hard to make this cage. I make it in the scorching sun, so it is hard to have physical strength. Evan was a really amazing person.

I can not do writing sentences in English any more, so I'll tell you in the photo gallery.

At the end of this article

In the this place, the sales of this place was taught that it is partly used for support to Aboriginal people and school operating expenses etc.

I also learned that Aboriginal people were in severe discrimination when they stopped by Sydney.

That's why I was afraid to go to the central area. But the Aboriginal 's traditional owner who made this KCS with the current owner were different from that rumor.

I also love Aboriginal David and Maara who gently made me work while working at KCS. Aboriginal people who have lived in a harsh environment for a long time are really amazing.

Aboriginal people who spent time with me were really gentle and gentle people.

I'd like to come back here one day・・・・


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