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my whish comes true! reached to Ayers Rock unexted way!

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I wrote about forest fire in the past in the previous article. At this time the road connecting Ayers Rock and KCS was blocked due to the fire and I could not go to Ayers Rock.

Besides, because I worked on a working holiday visa, I can work under the same employer for up to 6 months.

I have worked for 6 months already so I could not stay in KCS any more.

I had been wondering how to go to Ayers Rock...

But I didn't need thinking about this.

By chance, copper let me bring to Ayers Rock by helicopter

when I tried to leave KCS, theroad was blocked effect of Bush fire, and the prospect of the operation of the tour bus was also unmoved.

lost way to Ayers Rock compleatly I thought at that time.

however, some how some people visits KCS.

The copper who works this place have to back to theres company and report the status to theres head office.

so that they come and go between KCS and Aers Rock even if road was locked.

when one chopper go beck to Ayers Rock, they picked me up to Ayes Rock!!

How wonderful! I usually go to Ayers Rock by a tour bus but this time we could go by helicopter because the road was blockade.

It flied to Ayers Rock by helicopter! I can never do such a thing again!

First of all I would like to say thank you to the chopper from the bottom of my heart. The flight time was about two hours?

Moreover, it was a really valuable experience that I flew a place not to fly in the scenic flight.

After arrived Ayers Rock, I joined the Sunrise Tour and Sunset Tour

Sun set tour! free drink and beautiful figure of Aters Rock! make me feel Central Australia!

I walked a bit on the Ayers Rock Resort in order to kill the time before the tour began after booking the tour.

The feature of Alice Springs' sky is that clouds rarely come out, and when I am staying, I have never seen anything other than a thundercloud that caused a forest fire.

It's only when I flew over an airplane and looked down at the clouds.

The light of the sun was strong. I think that Ayers Rock Resort is really amazing, too. There is water in the middle of the desert, there is a pool, there is a bar.

I was really impressed that I was able to make facilities so far in such a place.

Aboriginal people also worked here, I thought next time I would like to work with Aboriginal people here. But it did not come true.

I think that the place that makes me feel Australia and most Australia is the Northern Territory for me.

tour started! one by one, sun goes down! becoming red color Ayers Rock!

Time is time to start tour and join the tour from the tour bus stop in Ayers Rock Resor.

Most of the guides who are serving Japanese for this Ayers Rock Resort were working holiday travelers.

The bus arrived at the venue and regretted that I could not find a good place to see Ayers Rock best at this time.

But I did not care about such a thing. What I was able to do with KCS, I was able to come to Ayers Rock in an unexpected way.

These two events were more important than Ayers Rock.

Kata Tjuta and calturl walk

Miyazaki Hayao also came to this place.

This Katajuta called "Valley of the Wind" became a "Nausicaa" motif, a famous story among the Japanese.

I am glad that I was able to come there.

In Japan, only Ayers Rock is popular. I did not know anything about Kata Tjuta.

When I actually went there, the wind was very strong, rocky was uneven, the pattern made of the strata was a beautiful place.

I finally came to one of the Aboriginal people 's fabrics.

The temperature was very high during the day, and it was also impressive that the guide was spraying passengers with misting in the tour bus.

It's a challenge for myself to make a site in English, but I will put a photo here for a moment.

I think that this method will be transmitted.

I listened to the news that the climb of Ayers Rock will be banned in 2019. I did not climb to Ayers Rock. That is with respect to Aboriginal people.

This land that Aboriginal people worship as "sacred place". And I did not climb that great Ayers Rock.

Because I respect the Aboriginal people.

I was asked to help camels when I caught them with KCS and when I divided the kinds of animals.

He was named "David", but in fact it might be that he was better with an Aboriginal name than English name.

I do not have enough knowledge so I can not say notion to this problem.

Everyone has their own values. I do not want anyone to be stained with that value.

People have such an absolute area. religion, cultural activities, even trivial things in daily life ...

Of course I have it. Being able to climb Ayers Rock to someone may be dirtying the sanctuary of Aboriginal people. So I did not climb.


After Ayers Rock Resort we went to Darwin.

After that I temporarily returned home, worked in Cairns and my working holiday ended.

If you are watching this article too, if you are going to the working holiday, I would like you to go there.

Especially it is interesting to work in Alice Springs, Australia. Because I love Aboriginal people.

If you feel Australia, Northern Territory is the best!

See ya!

thank you for reading!

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