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wrote my memory on this site!

Thank you for reading this website written in my poor English. I think that I am pretty tired. Perhaps you are not a Japanese who visited this site, I think you are a native English speaker. I am Japanese. But I wrote an article on this site in English.

Time fly by!! 4 years passed since I came back from working holiday. I am currently studying web design and I made this site in the practical training of that creation.

The creation and design of the homepage is really difficult, and probably when this site is published I think that I graduate from this web school and have started a new life again.

I am glad that I could touch the wisdom of Aboriginal people in Australia. It was my wealth that I was able to work under the pioneering spiritful OZ owner who made a caravan park in the middle of the desert. Among Australia, NT is my favorite place.

It is probably a site with many misspellings, but making this site is my challenge. As this site is difficult to update, you probably can not do maintenance as it is. I think that I can make a better site again if I can study more web design and move to WordPress. I love Central Oce and Larry! I also want to visit while I live! !

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